What session leaders have said

“We had fun and I hope some of the group will want to go on with it.”

“I gained confidence in what I was trying to give to those who came to my session.”

“An enjoyable teaching experience and a lot of 'job satisfaction' from the enjoyment and learning outcomes of the participants.”

“It was good to see the interest in the activity. Year on year, more and more people are realising the benefits”.

“I had fun. Pleased to be part of such a community event.”

“I learnt more about the subject. I think everyone enjoyed it and hope that at least a few of them go on with confidence.”

“It was good practice at a general session with a lot of people on it as I am used to smaller sessions.”

“I had not taught to a large group for a long time, particularly a group with beginners, so I found it a good refresher for me. I have already started looking into further sessions for beginners and hope to have these up and running soon.”

“It has given me the motivation to pursue my goal of offering a Dorchester class open to all. The verbal feedback was positive and there were an encouraging number of participants interested in attending a Dorchester based class when I am able to set one up. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”