The Try This Dorchester Committee

Emma Scott

Has lived in Dorchester since 2009. Involved with project from early on because she recognised it as an exciting and innovative way for local communities to use and share their skills and build new ones. Community Development Officer at Dorchester Town Council.

Susan Blake

Moved to Dorchester in 1960.  Now retired but still active in community projects including Dorchester Strollers.  Been involved with Try This since its inception and currently its Treasurer.

Barbara Evans

Moved to Dorset in 2014 and is passionate about community driven initiatives. Former Global Project Manager specialising in continuous improvement - semi-retired and joined the voluntary committee in September 2016.

Hazel Crofts

Dorchester born and bred and keen to support efforts that strengthen communities. Former software engineer and now a Maths, IT and photography tutor. Member of the voluntary committee since summer 2015.

Julian English

Moved to Dorset in 2006 to ‘retire’. Has been involved since the inception of Try This. Works for POPP as a Champion in Mid Dorset. In his spare time works as a Marketing Consultant.


Sue Burn 

Sue works as a peripatetic music teacher in our local schools. As Hettie's mum, she had the privilege of seeing 'Try This 2013' come to life at  close quarters. She then became involved in running Try This 2014 in order to help the idea to grow and become established in our local community.

  Hettie Burn

Hettie Burn is the Chair of Try This Dorchester and it's founding member! Hettie first came up with the idea of a skills sharing project in 2012 and the project has gone from strength to strength since then and involved hundereds of local people. Hettie is currently teaching but maybe one day Try This will go global with her enthusiam and energy to take it forward!

Johanna English