Information for Potential Leaders                                        


Try This mission

Try This Dorchester celebrates the generosity and enthusiasm of the people of Dorchester and the surrounding area, providing a platform for people to teach other people what they know and what they are passionate about sharing.

In particular Try This Dorchester aims to

  • Offer opportunities to try something new completely free of charge
  • Provide a springboard for new community ventures
  • Strengthen the community of Dorchester and the surrounding area

How Try This works

The festival is held for a variety of periods, sometimes 3 days, sometimes 10!

Normally around 4-6 sessions are held a day. The sessions could include anything from bell ringing to wall building and whilst some leaders are old hands at leading a group, others will be giving it a try for the first time.

The Try This team aims to support leaders throughout the process of running a session, including finding convenient times and venues for all of the sessions and providing a ‘helper’ to support the leader during the session itself. We will also take care of the festival’s publicity and booking process, leaving leaders to concentrate on preparing for their session.

Try This Dorchester will cover all costs incurred such as venue hire, materials and travel expenses (within a certain radius!)


We are looking for individuals or groups to run sessions. Being involved in Try This will give you a platform on which to share your skills and knowledge with the wider community.

If you would like to suggest a session idea please click here

This will be followed by a number of stages, outlined below

  • Your form submission will be followed up with a phone call from one of our programme coordinators to talk to you about your idea in more detail.
  • We will then direct you to a 2nd form which will require you to provide more detailed information about your session and your availability.
  • We will let you know whether we are able to include your session in our programme. We will then confirm the session time and venue with you.
  • Once the programme is confirmed, we will ask you to fill in a risk assessment for your session (and venue if you are to use your own).
  • When booking opens, you will be able to check into the website to see how many people have booked on to your workshop.


Try This Dorchester is run by volunteers and though remuneration is available for any reasonable expenses that the session leaders accrue as a result of running their session, we ask that no money changes hands during the session itself. It should also be noted that Try This is not an opportunity for free advertising and any relevant information about services offered by a leader should be included in the newsletter at the end of the project rather than mentioned during the session itself.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us via the contact page‚Äč or by emailing us at